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Experience of 7 years in E waste Management. Started Aman Trading co. in 2012. Dealt in Waste management of Telecommunication products. Founded Aman EWaste Recyclers Private Limited in 2017


Mohammed Tanveer


Abdul Kalim Chaudhary

Vision: To be the trusted leader in secure and sustainable IT asset disposition, empowering businesses to seamlessly transition to new technologies while minimizing environmental impact and protecting sensitive information.

Effortless recycling with highest quality.

We make e-waste recycling effortless. Our secure and certified process ensures all your electronics, from desktops to televisions, are handled responsibly. We offer secure on-site data destruction or secure data wiping for off-site devices, followed by responsible dismantling and recycling according to the highest industry standards (R2 certified). This transparent approach minimizes environmental impact while giving you complete peace of mind knowing your data and electronics are handled securely and sustainably.